NICO LESIONS Osteo-cavitation’s, or areas of dead bone are also called NICO lesions. This stands for neuralgia -inducing cavitational osteonecrosis. They are hollow places in your jawbones. Interestingly, the concept of jaw bone cavitation’s is very controversial. Many in the dental profession refuse to believe that these bony lesions even exist. However, in the specialties […]


                              Guided-Wellness Modules There are miles of microscopic micro-tubular super highways in each one of your teeth called odontoblastic dentinal tubules. These odontoblastic tubules comprise the dentinal fluid transport system (DFTS), which is responsible for carrying enzymes, minerals, amino acids and many more critical substances into and out of your teeth. The way this system […]


The “MUST HAVE” product for total skin management!  Natural All-In-One Cleansing-Skin Healing System       Have you ever thought about how your immune system heals itself, so efficiently, without you even thinking about the process? It’s an amazing system, much like a Navy Seal Response Team, that is called upon to handle an emergency or crisis situation. […]

The Amazing Benefits of OSA and Absorbable Silica

“ORTHO-SILICIC ACID” “Strong Teeth, Bone, and Cartilage for Life” A mentor of mine at an A4M conference once said, “If you become osteoporotic, or you experience significant BONE LOSS, you are in trouble intellectually”. WOW, was that a revelation! That was back in 2010, some 10 years ago. Fast-forward to 2020 and Wah-la, coupled with […]

What About Root Canals?

    Are they all harmful? There is an ongoing battle regarding endodontic treatment for saving broken-down, dying, dead, or infected teeth. The problem is, within a tooth there are many miles of lateral dentinal tubules, outside of the main canals, which remain unfilled, after the procedure. These are extremely small microscopic dentinal highway systems that […]

White Enamel Paint For Teeth

What is Teeth Paint? Many people love the idea of a brighter smile, but they aren’t sure which products they should use. A quick trip to any local drugstore will reveal a long list of products that claim to whiten your teeth from toothpaste to gels to tooth paint. You might begin to wonder which […]

What Are Enamel Rods and Their Function?

Enamel Rods You might not know this, but enamel is the hardest material in your body. Enamel rod is an elementary unit of your tooth enamel. It is usually 4μm in width and 8μm in height. Highly organized crystals that are packed tightly, and are hexagonal in shape make up the tooth enamel.  The packing […]

Can Mouthwash Restore Tooth Enamel?

You see the advertisements every day. On the television, countless toothpaste and mouthwash products are marketed as restorative or capable of repairing damaged tooth enamel. When you walk down the aisle with toothpaste, you would be hard-pressed not to find a product with “enamel repair” emblazoned on the box. All of this marketing leads to […]

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite (Remineralization Toothpaste)

Did you know that the amount of enamel you have fluctuates daily? The enamel on your teeth experiences gains and losses based on the food you eat and the chemical makeup of your saliva. When your saliva contains the proper components, including calcium, fluoride, and phosphates, the mineral makeup of your teeth is strengthened. If […]

Heavy Metal Detoxification

We live in an ever-increasing toxic environment. The evidence is all around us and internally within us! Once a year detoxification measures are really not enough for the massive chemical assault that we are under on a daily basis. Daily attention to diet, lifestyle, your immediate environment, plus a nutritional regimen that supports the liver […]