Hypochlorous Acid and Acne

Hypochlorous Acid for Acne Hypochlorous acid is a naturally occurring molecule that plays a role in the human immune response. It is found in the white blood cells and helps control the body’s response to an injury and protect it from infection. Hypochlorous acid travels to the site of the infection and kills the bacteria […]

Hypochlorous Acid and Blepharitis

What is Hypochlorous Acid Hypochlorous acid is a natural substance that your body secretes from neutrophil cells. The role of HOCL in the body is to neutralize the inflammatory mediator, toxins, and bacteria while working as an anti-microbial agent. It works by deactivating harmful enzymes and preventing the formation of biofilm. HOCL’s functions make this […]

Hypochlorous Acid and Psoriasis

What is Hypochlorous Acid Hypochlorous acid or HOCL is compound with a weak reaction but offers oxidizing capabilities that are more powerful than that of chlorine. This agent is very useful for sanitizing purposes. You can also use HOCL to disinfect your wounds, cleanse your skin, as a replacement for chlorine in swimming pools, and […]

Can You Drink Hypochlorous Acid?

When you electrolyze saltwater, it produces a solution containing less than 99.3 % of water with chloride and hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid occurs in our body with the help of white blood cells or neutrophils. It helps fight inflammation and bacteria after a trauma or an infection. Hypochlorous acid has a unique power to eliminate […]

Does Hypochlorous Acid Kill Clostridium difficile

Clostridium difficile has resulted in a rather common infection diagnosis, with approximately 200,000 cases per year.  Clostridium difficile is readily transmissible by traveling bacterial spores from person to person and notably hard to get rid of once it sets up shop in a medical or community environment.  There is an ongoing effort to find new […]

Does Hypochlorous Acid Kill Demodex Mites?

Does your pet frequently scratch? Do you find your eyelashes or eyelids “itching” more than usual? While the reason might be allergies, it’s not the only reason. Demodex mites are attracted to hair follicles of humans and animals. Although several dozens of species exist, two are frequently called “eyelash mites.” Yes, it sounds creepy, but […]

Does Hypochlorous Acid Kill Fungus?

Fungal skin infection is common, but we have hypochlorous acid to treat such infections. Here we discuss the role of hypochlorous acid for killing skin fungus. The formula of hypochlorous acid is HOCL. Hypochlorous acid is known as a weak acid, among other chlorine acids. It is a weak acid because the amount of chlorine […]

Can Hypochlorous Acid Kill Norovirus?

Is a hypochlorous acid solution capable of killing Norovirus? It’s a commonly asked question, especially in the wake of typically yearly outbreaks of the virus every year. An understanding of Norovirus, as well as hypochlorous acid, will provide some answers. Defining Norovirus Norovirus is a scientific term given to one type of viral infection. Norovirus […]

How Hypochlorous Acid Kills Mold

To counter the heat-defying season, people may enjoy communal pools for splashy fun and relaxation as they soak in the summer sun. While communal bathtubs are more exciting than home pools, the former often becomes infested with molds and bacteria. As a result, infections can occur. It is important to keep off the mold to […]

Is Hypochlorous Acid Safe For Humans?

What is Hypochlorous Acid? There are a lot of gimmicks out there on the market today that promise to help kill bacteria and make you healthier. Which ones are real? Hypochlorous acid is gaining popularity around the globe, but you need to know all of the facts. Decide for yourself whether this chemical is good […]