This is the SAFEST antibiotic that I have ever used. “In 4.5 billion years, nothing has ever developed a resistance to silver. It took only a scant 7 decades for pharmaceuticals to fail across the board.” Pharma’s mantra is to “keep you sick but symptom-free. Just continue taking what they manufacture, regardless of the side […]

Amalgam and Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity

An often overlooked, but extremely important source of toxic material is the mercury from silver [mercury] amalgam fillings. Some people who are aware of the situation are confused by the mixture of information available. Unfortunately, statements from dental trade organizations and on a few poorly-researched news reports have muddled the situation. Here are a few […]


As new scientific information comes to light, the mainstream medical establishment has a difficult time incorporating these new concepts. Take a look at the list below to see how many of these myths you are still believing: THE, HIGH -SALT DIET IS BAD FOR ME MYTH THE, LOW-FAT DIET IS GOOD FOR ME MYTH THE, […]

32 Ways To Reverse The Aging Process

How then, do I begin to reverse the aging process, or is it even possible? The answer is yes. Remember, this is NOT a MAGIC BULLET solution as almost all TV advertising would have you believe. You need a WHOLE BODY, WHOLE SYSTEMS PROGRAM approach, like the one you are looking at right now! This […]

Natural Treatment Protocol For Fibromyalgia

FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME Fibromyalgia, also called fibrositis, is more prevalent in adults, with a higher incidence in women. Decreased levels of ATP and changes in energy metabolism have also been found in the red blood cells of fibromyalgia patients, suggesting that fibromyalgia may be a more general and systemic problem than originally thought, possibly impinging on […]

DIY Natural Toothpaste

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR TEETH, NATURALLY? As a Naturopathic and Holistic Dentistry clinic, you can imagine we get asked this question a lot. So, we’ve decided to summarize the answer for you and your family. The idea here is to: keep your mouth slightly alkaline, a pH above 6.7 is the best keep your macro […]

10 Ways To Live A Longer And Happier Life

10 WAYS TO LIVE A LONGER AND HEALTHIER LIFE These suggestions are simple, tested by time, inexpensive, and can be implemented immediately. These simple procedures have one common characteristic, called: Psychoneuroimmunology. What on earth does that mean, you ask? Simply put; it means that your thoughts, good or bad, produce chemicals in your brain and […]

Easy List of Alkaline Foods

80% OF YOUR FOODS SHOULD BE ALKALINE Alkaline Foods Almonds Avocado Bananas Black olives Brazil Nuts Butter Cabbage Chestnuts Cold pressed oils Cucumber Dates D-Ribose Green Tea Green and yellow beans Mangos Potatoes Pear Concentrate Raisins Salad greens Sprouts (all) Sweet apricots Sweet pepper Sweet potatoes Xylitol Zucchini Take this list with you when you […]


This is the genetic switch that turns on ALL inflammatory pathways. It’s like the circuit-breaker in your house. If you want to shut off all the lights in your home, you have two choices.1. Go around and turn off each light switch in each room, or…2. Hit the main circuit-breaker in your home. This is […]

The Benefits of Oil Pulling

THE BENEFITS of OIL PULLING Oil pulling has its roots in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is an ancient Indian technique that draws out toxins from the inflamed oral gingival tissues and exhibits anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits. This procedure is useful for many oral health conditions. See the benefit’s list below. HOW DOES OIL PULLING WORK? […]