Did you know that the amount of enamel you have fluctuates daily? The enamel on your teeth experiences gains and losses based on the food you eat and the chemical makeup of your saliva. When your saliva contains the proper components, including calcium, fluoride, and phosphates, the mineral makeup of your teeth is strengthened.

If you choose to eat more sugary foods or if you lack in the oral hygiene department, your teeth are slowly losing these essential minerals regularly. The calcium that would ordinarily go to your teeth could even be redirected to more important areas of the body, such as the spine. This process is known as demineralization. It is responsible for weakening your enamel, increasing the risk of cavities, increasing tooth sensitivity, and even discoloring the teeth.

Toothpaste that contains ingredients like calcium phosphate and nano-hydroxyapatite can serve to remineralize the tooth enamel. Of course, it is best to address this issue as quickly as possible. If there are no minerals on your enamel, to begin with, it will be difficult for these toothpastes to build without a firm foundation.

Orthosilic Acid as a major form of bioavailable silicon for both humans and animals, has not been given adequate attention so far. Silicon has already been associated with bone mineralization, collagen synthesis, skin, hair and nails health atherosclerosis, Alzheimer disease, immune system enhancement, and with some other disorders or pharmacological effects. -Nutrition and Metabolism, January 8th, 2013

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When it comes to remineralization and anti-aging, we highly recommend Silidyn as a source of ortho-silic acid.

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Choosing to use a remineralizing toothpaste can help to restore the beauty and functionality of your teeth. Every time you brush with this toothpaste or use mouthwash, you are strengthening your smile.

Are you ready to start seeing the benefits of this remineralization toothpaste as soon as possible? Here’s everything you need to know about the star ingredient, nano-hydroxyapatite.

What is Nano Hydroxyapatite? 

Many people get thrown off by the idea of incorporating something like nano-hydroxyapatite into their oral care routine. It can be a mouthful to pronounce, and it sounds like something that comes straight from the laboratory of a scientist. However, it is actually a biocompatible material that one might find naturally in their bones and saliva.

Nano hydroxyapatite is a mineral form of calcium apatite. The saliva in your mouth can use this natural ingredient to remineralize the teeth, which ultimately strengthens your tooth enamel. The synthetic version found in nano-hydroxyapatite has been proven to offer some of the same benefits when it comes to rebuilding teeth and bones.

Dentists prefer this ingredient in remineralizing toothpaste to help repair long-term damage to the mouth. They are particularly fond of incorporating this ingredient into their practices, but it can do more than rebuild tooth enamel.

Back when nano-hydroxyapatite was first founded, it was used to help returning astronauts to restore tooth and bone mass upon their return. It wasn’t until almost ten years later that a pharmaceutical company acquired the patent for the compound and transformed it into a remineralizing toothpaste that can restore tooth enamel.

Now, nano-hydroxyapatite is found in toothpaste and other nutritional supplements. It is used to repair tissue, improve compatibility with orthopedic implants, and can even be used as a protein-binding agent for bacteria cultures.

What is the Difference Between Nano Hydroxyapatite and Fluoride? 

A routine trip to the dentist usually results in some form of fluoride treatment. Almost everyone has experienced this at least once in their lifetime. In fact, many of the more popular remineralization toothpastes for home consumption contain fluoride as an active ingredient. What is the real difference between the two ingredients?

The first difference is primarily anecdotal. Many people claim that nano-hydroxyapatite makes their teeth feel smoother and stronger. The question is, does the research support this statement?

The mechanism for how each ingredient does its work is one of the major differences between the two. Fluoride hovers over top of vulnerable areas and creates a hedge of protection, so to speak. Nano hydroxyapatite penetrates to the bottom of the tooth for real and lasting change.

According to a 2016 study, the daily application of nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste gives more protection against demineralization when compared to fluoride. There are not many studies available on the differences between fluoride and nano-hydroxyapatite, but this is the first of many to come that demonstrate the efficacy of this product.

What are the Benefits? 

Everyone knows that they need to take good care of their teeth. After all, you only receive one set of permanent teeth. Remineralizing your enamel and keeping them as healthy as possible allows you to enjoy your favorite foods for as long as possible. Nano hydroxyapatite is an extremely beneficial product for several reasons.

First and foremost, it does remineralize and repair long-term damage to the teeth. Once your enamel is worn down, there is no replacing it. However, remineralization with this product can help to restore strength to the teeth. Your smile will become whiter and shinier than ever before with the regular use of this toothpaste. Coffee drinkers and smokers alike have reported that their smile is much brighter after using this product regularly.

Demineralized teeth can be extremely weak and may be more sensitive than stronger teeth. You could experience pain with exposure to hot and cold substances on the teeth. In addition to that, teeth without a great mineral coating are more at risk for decay via cavities and bacterial infection in the gums.

The benefits of remineralizing toothpaste with nano-hydroxyapatite go beyond aesthetics. Toothpastes and mouthwashes containing this ingredient are also proven to:

  • Reduce tooth sensitivity and pain relief
  • Eliminate bacterial infections in the soft tissue
  • Fight gingivitis
  • Fight and prevent cavities

One of the major things that nano-hydroxyapatite promises to do is bond with the plaque and other bacteria during brushing. It attaches itself to these harmful bacteria and then eliminates them all in one convenient brushing. This makes it an antimicrobial toothpaste as well as a remineralizing toothpaste.

Is Nano Hydroxyapatite Safe? 

Nano hydroxyapatite is the synthetic version of a naturally-occurring compound found within the body. That means that it is completely safe to use in the form of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and other products. It is even availiable in supplement form to help with other problems such as damaged tissue, weak bones, and more.

Common adverse side effects are still relatively minor. They can include things like:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Frequent urination
  • Flushing
  • Sweating
  • Gastrointestinal issues

Some people may develop an allergy to nano-hydroxyapatite, but this is typically only found when taken as a supplement for other issues such as tissue repair. When used as a toothpaste or oral care product, this substance very rarely produces adverse effects.

Research has even been done to investigate whether this product is safe for use in children. The results came back as resoundingly positive with many experts even recommending it for use in children. Some dentists prefer to recommend this type of remineralizing toothpaste over the long-held tradition of using fluoride.

What Does Nano Hydroxyapatite Taste Like? 

From the sound of it, many people mistakenly assume that remineralization toothpaste with nano-hydroxyapatite might have a chemical taste to it. Fortunately for us, this could not be further from the truth. It comes in many of the same flavors as the fluoride treatments that everyone is already familiar with. Traditional flavors like peppermint, bubble gum, and various fruits are all standard flavors combined with the nano-hydroxyapatite. 

The potential taste associated with this type of toothpaste is no big deal. If this is what has been scaring you away from using it, simply look for a flavor that you think you might enjoy. Chances are that you won’t be able to taste the synthetic compound over the flavoring.

Can I Remineralize Without Nano Hydroxyapatite? 

Products containing this ingredient are paramount for those who have extremely weak teeth. They may need more help than simple lifestyle choices alone can give them. However, it is important to note that lifestyle changes and dietary changes can make a significant impact on the quality of your smile.

The best thing you can do is pay attention to your diet. Make sure that you are consuming enough calcium regularly. Without eating enough calcium, your body may redirect this key nutrient away from your teeth so it can go to work on more important body functions. Patients with osteoporosis often have very weak teeth because their calcium is redirected toward their spine.

You should also give it your best effort to eliminate sugary substances like soda and candy from your diet. Minimizing these acids can help your teeth to remineralize. By adhering to both of these tenets in addition to using remineralizing toothpaste, you are likely to see the best results.

Selecting the Right Toothpaste

Nano hydroxyapatite is a biocompatible compound that can make your smile appear brighter and stronger. Proven to be more effective than the traditional fluoride treatment, opting for toothpastes with this key ingredient can do wonders for your teeth. Remineralize that enamel and strengthen teeth against decay, gingivitis, and more.

When used with good oral hygiene, regular trips to the dentist, and a better diet, you will see a much brighter and healthier smile. You’ll love the overall effect that it has on your teeth!