Enamel Rods

You might not know this, but enamel is the hardest material in your body. Enamel rod is an elementary unit of your tooth enamel. It is usually 4μm in width and 8μm in height. Highly organized crystals that are packed tightly, and are hexagonal in shape make up the tooth enamel. 

The packing of the enamel rods ensures the rigidity of your teeth. If you do a cross-section analysis, they look like a keyhole. 

There are around 5 million – 12 million enamel rods in a single tooth. There are 12 million rods in your maxillary first molars, 5 million in your mandibular lateral incisors, and the number varies in all your teeth.

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The Function of the Enamel rods

Enamel is the strongest and the most rigid material in your body. Enamel rods contain hydroxyapatite crystals. The placement, tight packing, and organization of the crystals ensure the strength and integrity of your teeth. 

Why It Is Important to Know Enamel Rod Placement 

Enamel rods are present in your tooth in a row. The enamel dentine is underlying perpendicularly in the long axis of your tooth. The cementoenamel junction slightly tilts over the root of your tooth. It is very important for your dentist to know the location of the tilt because it tells them about the support of your tooth and its proneness to fracture.

If the crystals in your teeth are further from the central axis, then your teeth are more prone to oriental diverges.

Enamel Rod Sheath

The tooth enamel has various components. Enamel rod sheath is one of them. It is a microscopic section of the enamel. Enamel rod sheath meets at a very sharp angle with interred enamel; the meeting of both enamels looks like a rod sheath. Enamel rod sheath and interred enamel are types of crystals. They are also the functional unit of the enamel.

Crystals are not the only composition of the enamel rod sheath; they also consist of proteins. They are the only part of enamel with proteins.

If you see a demineralized or an acid-etched tooth under a microscope, you will notice that it looks like a fish-scale. Your tooth looks like that because the rod sheath is trying to tie the inorganic matrix with the rods.

What is Aprismatic Enamel

The thin top layer of your tooth is the aprismatic enamel. The aprismatic enamel is solid without enamel rods or prisms.

Difference between Enamel Rods and Aprismatic Enamel

Many people get confused in aprismatic enamel and enamel rods. The major difference between them is their structure. Enamel rods are a cluster of HA crystals that are hexagonal in shape, whereas aprismatic enamel contains HA crystals without hexagonal prism-like structures.

Why Enamel and Oral Care is Important

Oral care is very important. Your mouth is the opening of your digestive passage, which means if you do not take good oral care, you will not only hurt your teeth but affect your overall health too. Many doctors say that bad oral hygiene is the advent of various diseases.

Even though enamel is one of the strongest materials in your body, it can still wear off, or you can damage it by not taking care of it. In some cases, people even chip off the enamel of their teeth. For this reason, you need to take good care of your teeth enamel.

You should know that your enamel is not a living tissue like your bones and skin. So, if you chip your teeth, there is no way it can fix itself like your skin. For this reason, you need to take special care of your enamel.

To maintain your oral hygiene, you need to take care of your teeth, gums, and mouth. You can do that by adding simple additional steps in your nighttime personal care regime and morning time personal care regime.

Important Measures for Enamel Care

Now that you know why it is essential to take care of your enamel. Let’s look at some measures you can take for better enamel care;

Limit Your Sugar Intake

The bacteria that live in your mouth thrive on sugar. When you take sugar in any form, the bacteria produce acid, which softens the enamel.

Increase Your Calcium Intake

The foods that have calcium in them help in neutralizing the acids in your mouth. They play an important role in rectifying the decay and help your bones and teeth get stronger.

Avoid Over-Brushing

Many people make the mistake of over-brushing their teeth. People usually brush a little too fast and harsh and at a wrong angle.

One should brush with soft stroke and at the right angle. When you eat anything sugary and citrusy, you should brush after an hour to ensure that the acids wash off.

Increase the Use of Fluoride

The American Dental Association says that fluoride is nature’s cavity fighter. It helps in repairing and strengthening your enamel. If your teeth are in the early stages of decay, fluoride will help in resisting the decay.

Get Treatment for Your Heartburn and Eating Disorder

If you frequently suffer from heartburn, then you should treat it as soon as possible. If your stomach produces an excess amount of acid, the acid might reach your mouth after a while and can damage your teeth enamel.

People who have bulimia, an eating disorder should also treat themselves. In bulimia, you vomit your food, and this vomit also has acid in it. Keep in mind that frequent vomiting can endanger your tooth enamel. 


The enamel is the strongest and also the most important material in your body. It makes up your teeth, and your teeth help you in eating, which is the most important activity of your body.