This is a problem that is not fully understood nor often addressed. Some suspected causes are mineral deficiencies and the results of the aging process.  Decreased salivation and a decrease in-  taste bud activity is also contributory.

 Below is a listing of some suspected causes and some natural remedies that you can try:



  • Nasal polyps on the mucosa
  • Nasal sinusitis and yeast
  • Nasal or septal blockage
  • Sinus and or dental infections
  • Loss of macro- minerals, especially zinc!
  • Yeast infections, Candidiasis
  • Aging and hormonal decline
  • Taste bud atrophy
  • Improper metal ratios and or heavy metal toxicity build-up
  • Loss of B-6 and Molybdenum, from Biotics lecture
  • Loss of nerve function, especially the glossopharyngeal nerve.

Orthosilic Acid as a major form of bioavailable silicon for both humans and animals, has not been given adequate attention so far. Silicon has already been associated with bone mineralization, collagen synthesis, skin, hair and nails health atherosclerosis, Alzheimer disease, immune system enhancement, and with some other disorders or pharmacological effects. -Nutrition and Metabolism, January 8th, 2013

Bio-available Silidyn® Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) is a superior form of silicon that has been developed to contribute to the effective support and healthy maintenance of hair, skin, bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) has a high absorption rate and has a positive effect on muscle tone, joint mobility, collagen production, improved hair, skin and nails and detoxification of toxic metals.

When it comes to remineralization and anti-aging, we highly recommend Silidyn as a source of ortho-silic acid.

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Natural Remedies:

If you suffer from Nasal Sinusitis or Nasal Polyps, you may want to give this a try:

  • Rinse intra-nasally with sea salt and baking soda (use a Neti -Pot)
  • Put sea salt in a large bowl with water, add baking soda and begin snorting the solution 20 times per day. There is no magic amount as to how much of any of the ingredients to use.
  • Use a bulb, syringe or Neti- Pot to flush through your nose. Use unrefined sea salt.
  • Add the Argentyn-23 regimen alongside this therapy, 4 times a day. (do not dilute the Argentyn)(This is a very effective and safe antibiotic).
  • Stay away from the surgical option of removing nasal polyps because it is usually very- painful and ineffective. Polyps can line the nasal mucosa and depending how many there are, they will need to be surgically removed, one at a time or all at once, and there is a 50% chance of them returning.
  • The most common cause of Chronic Sinusitis is a yeast or fungal infection, in part, driven by over indulging with continual rounds of antibiotics. This in fact drives up the fungal component and it’s the fungal component that makes it chronic.
  • COLOSTRUM has high levels of Secretory IgA and antibodies. This boosts immunity and is immuno-protective. Can use bovine  colostrum from New Zealand.
  • Increase your UNREFINED SALT INTAKE, as this increases your pH, thereby decreasing inflammation